Direct Access

There are countless examples of where it is essential to have a solicitor as part of your legal team but there are also many occasions when instructing a barrister directly could be absolutely the right choice for you.

Since 2004 members of the public have been able to instruct a barrister directly, without having to hire a solicitor first, this is known as Direct Public Access.  The barrister’s role remains the same, whoever is doing the instructing so under the rules of this scheme there are still limitations as to what a barrister can do to assist. Essentially you will take on some of the roles that would otherwise be carried out by the solicitor which provides the greatest challenges but also the key benefit of the scheme which is you can often save costs.

Not all cases are suitable for Direct Access and not all barristers undertake cases in this form so we would highly recommend that you complete the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page so that you can begin a dialogue with chambers as soon as possible and find out what options might be available to you. We will respond to you right away and if we are able to assist we will provide you with the names and fee estimates of those who can assist along with guidance on how best to proceed.


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Charles Goodall

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Robert Trevis


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Richard Carron


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Anna Johns

Although there are restrictions as to what barristers are allowed to do, here is a list of what a barristers can help you with-

  • Providing legal advice (in writing or in person) about your case, the law and how it affects your situation, and any legal steps you must take.
  • Drafting documents – letters, court proceedings, contracts, trust deeds, appeal forms, statements of case and other documents required for court.
  • Representing you at court or at other tribunals, appeal hearings, etc.
  • Advising on the evidence you need and on which expert may be appropriate to instruct, and draft the letter of instruction for you to send.

Please note that Direct Access barristers cannot handle clients’ money (unrelated to their fee) or take responsibility for the management of a case. If you use the Direct Public Access scheme, you take on some of the role of the solicitor.

To find out more about direct access please contact the clerks
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