Contentious Probate & Inheritance Act

Working in conjunction with the family department where necessary, we provide a friendly and approachable service to try to bring about a favourable resolution of your Contentious Probate or Inheritance Act claim. Such an approachable service is important in an area where the dispute may well have a background of a difficult family situation.

The team have the skills and expertise to assist clients with cases involving-

  • Challenging the validity of a will, as a consequence of issues such as mental capacity, undue influence or incorrect drafting.
  • The rectification or construction of a will.
  • Promissory and proprietary estoppel claims.
  • Tampering of assets.
  • Inheritance act claims.
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As to contentious probate, we have experience of resolving disputes both for personal representatives and for claimants in cases involving the construction of wills and the administration of estates. We are happy to provide advice either in writing or in person on matters such as the interpretation of the terms of a will.

In relation to Inheritance Act claims, whether acting for the claimant, including an adult child, or an Estate, we will try to assist in flexible funding and where suitable, we welcome direct access claimants.   We are able to assist with claims for reasonable financial provision and help seek a range of remedies including periodic payments, a ‘one off’ payment or transfer of property.

Given that Contentious Probate and Inheritance Act claims will invariably have family at their core it is always worth considering an alternative way to resolve the dispute such as mediation. Members of the team are experienced at representing clients in such a forum and Chambers also has fully trained members to act as mediator if required.

A contentious probate claim may in fact be a claim for professional negligence against the will writer and Queen Square Chambers has a specialist team who can assist in these circumstances.

Further information in relation to fees and timescales can be found here.

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