Road Traffic Offences

Our team regularly appear within Magistrates and Crown Courts across the region, handling all levels of road traffic cases, up to and including Death by Careless driving and Death by Dangerous driving. The majority of these cases involving cross-examining vulnerable and expert witnesses.

Counsel ensures that all clients, especially those who have no previous experience of the criminal justice system, are guided safely and expertly through the proceedings.



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Recent and ongoing cases include prosecuting a lorry driver who suffered a ‘micro sleep’ episode and was then found to be responsible for a serious multi-vehicle accident on the M5, and defending a refuse lorry driver who reversed without the aid of a banksman and killed an elderly dog walker, necessitating the study of council health and safety guidelines and ‘best practice’ issues. Securing an acquittal of an ambulance driver, who whilst attending an accident collided with and killed another driver.

We are ‘panel approved’ to work with insurance-backed claimants via solicitors who litigate nationally, as well as receiving direct instructions through public access and legal aid backed work. When instructed at an early stage we are able to identify and liaise with experts, allowing us to provide a bespoke service for the maximum effect.

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