Lucie Stoker Assists with Schools Consent Project

The Schools Consent Project sends lawyers into schools across the UK to speak to students about consent from a legal perspective.
The aim of the project is to arm young people with the knowledge of what consent is in the context of sexual offences with a view to helping them safeguard themselves and also to foster concepts of mutual respect that are crucial to reducing the rates of sexually violent crime in the future.
Lucie Stoker, one of the criminal barristers in Queen Square Chambers has recently started volunteering to be one of these lawyers. After a trip to Ivybridge Community College in Devon she had the following things to say about the experience:
“Speaking to teenagers about sexual offences and consent was certainly a daunting task in the abstract but having undertaken my first set of workshops I can say that I was pleasantly surprised at the maturity and thoughtfulness with which the students approached the topic. In all three workshops the young people in front of me had insightful questions at the ready which underlined the importance of this subject to their every day lives”.
Further information can be found on the Schools Consent Project’s website.