Zoom Mediation could provide the solution to resolving cases during lockdown

As lockdown is extended and restrictions to daily life are likely to remain for the foreseeable future, it is clear that disputes and litigation cannot just be put on hold. The courts are beginning to get to grips with the situation, but are largely operating with a priority list, which may not reflect what is important to clients. Wherever possible negotiations, discussions and dialogues need to continue so that matters can be resolved. Rather than delay and reschedule, mediation can be a route to progressing and resolving disputes even whilst locked down.

Queen Square Chambers can host mediations using Zoom to ensure that if parties wish to engage and move forward in resolving their dispute, they do not have to wait. They can progress matters in their own time frame, and not when the court is ready.

Our CMC accredited mediator, Joanna Lewis is well versed in mediating disputes online via Zoom and so is ideally placed to assist now. Using Zoom’s ‘break out rooms’ feature, the mediator is able to keep participants entirely separate throughout the mediation so conversations remain confidential and bring the participants together in plenary sessions when required. The mediation will be locked and password protected to ensure privacy.

An effective tool in resolving most disputes, mediation is often utilised in relation to conflicts involving schools, colleges and universities. Uncertainty in the education field is a key issue for many at the moment with the postponement of exams affecting admissions and the payment of fees whilst institutions are closed or working in a limited capacity. A trained mediator across a range of areas, Joanna Lewis has received particular training in the field of Education Law and is ideally placed to facilitate resolution in this area.

If you have a matter which is suitable for mediation, please feel free to contact the clerks on: 0117 921 1966 or by email: civil@qsc.law to discuss how we can assist in facilitating this.